HSI 510: How Have the Demographics Shifted in Homeschooling? Dr. Brian Ray

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Yvette Hampton sits down with Dr. Brian Ray, a leading expert in homeschooling research. Discover the surprising findings of Dr. Ray’s extensive study on homeschooling, including the positive academic outcomes and improved engagement in science amon…

HSI 528: Making Time for Bible Study in Busyness – Heidi St. John

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Heidi St. John joins Yvette Hampton to share how busy parents can make time for studying God’s Word, and to bring encouragement for Christian parents for the coming year.
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SR 761: Mama Bear Apologetics – Equipping Kids to Think Critically and Stand Firm – Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“Understanding what worldviews your children are encountering and being prepared to engage them in conversations about those worldviews is critical in shaping their perspective and understanding.” – Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Join Yvette Hampton, Aby Ri…