SR 763: Mama Bear Apologetics: Arming Kids with Biblical Truth and Discernment – Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“You don’t have to know everything. You just need to know how to ask the right questions, and you don’t have to have all the answers, but you need to know where to find the answers.” – Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Uncover the essential role of mama bears in protecting and nurturing their children spiritually, emotionally, and physically in the latest Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast episode. Join Yvette Hampton, Aby Rinella , and special guest Hillary Morgan Ferrer, as they dive into the world of apologetics and equipping moms to raise kids who stand firm against the cultural tide, using the ROAR method. In this episode, Hillary shares her personal journey into apologetics and the mission behind Mama Bear Apologetics. Get ready to be inspired and equipped to engage with your kids on deep, thought-provoking topics in our ever-changing culture.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the “mama bear” instinct manifest itself in your life as a parent? In what ways do you feel the responsibility to protect your children physically, emotionally, and spiritually?
  2. What are your thoughts on the “ROAR” method – recognize the message, offer objective discernment, argue for a healthier approach, and reinforce through discussion, discipleship, and prayer? How practical do you find this method in equipping children to face the challenges of the world?
  3. Hillary mentioned the importance of recognizing the message behind various forms of media such as movies, songs, and literature. Can you share an example of when you recognized a subtle message in a media content that you initially didn’t notice?
  4. In what ways can parents effectively offer objective discernment, especially when it comes to discussing challenging or controversial topics with their children?
  5. Reflect on Hillary’s point about separating the good from the bad in various forms of content. How do you ensure that your children are equipped to discern between truth and lies, especially in the media they consume?
  6. How do you currently reinforce discussions, discipleship, and prayer in your family’s approach to addressing cultural and societal influences on your children?
  7. How do you prioritize teaching and training your children as opposed to sheltering and hiding them from the challenges of the world? What practical steps can you take to ensure that your children are not only surviving but thriving in their environment while maintaining their faith and values?

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