SR 770: Raising Leaders with Love and Faith – Nanette Brown, Part 1

“The greatest leader is the greatest servant” – Nanette Brown

Nanette Brown joins Yvette Hampton for a transformative conversation on the L.E.A.D.E.R. framework – a powerful acronym that stands for Love the Lord, Encourage in God’s word, Ask God in prayer, Depend on the Lord, Evangelize, and Rest in the Lord. Discover practical tips for raising children who are not only grounded in faith but also poised to be exemplary leaders. Nanette, a seasoned homeschooling mom, shares her wisdom on guiding both naturally inclined leaders and followers, involving children in church activities, and the vital role of influential figures in kids’ lives. If you’re eager to inspire leadership in your children and cultivate a heart for service and giving, this episode is a must-listen!

Come back Wednesday and Thursday for the rest of this important conversation.

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“Homeschooling is a Powerful Tool” – Nanette and Rod Brown in Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution

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Discussion Questions:

1. How can parents foster a sense of servant leadership in their children, following the L.E.A.D.E.R. acronym Nanette discusses?

2. What are some specific ways parents can involve their teenagers in church or community activities to help them develop leadership skills?

3. In what ways can family Bible time and prayer become more engaging for children, especially as they navigate the various stages of their development?

4. What strategies can homeschool parents employ to be more in tune with their children’s emotional needs, especially during the challenging teenage years?

5. Discuss the importance of having influential figures in a child’s life outside of the parents. How can these relationships shape a child’s growth and leadership qualities?

6. What are the challenges of nurturing both natural leaders and those who tend to follow, and how can parents ensure they are giving their children what they need to thrive in their roles?

7. How can parents maintain their sense of purpose and resolve feelings of inadequacy when they face doubts about their homeschooling efforts?

8. Based on the inspiring story Nanette shared, how can parents encourage and support children who might show unexpected leadership qualities, and what does this tell us about recognizing each child’s unique gifts?


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