SR 837: Sanity Savers: Simple Strategies for Successful Homeschooling, Kristi Clover, Part 2

“Simplify: Be practical in homeschooling and prioritize what’s truly important.” ~ Kristi Clover

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Yvette Hampton sits down with Kristi Clover, a veteran homeschool mom of five and author. Kristi shares her top sanity-saving tips for homeschool moms. Learn how to eliminate morning mayhem, create sustainable routines, and stop unproductive comparisons.

🔍 Key Takeaways: – Training Kids for Independent Work – Simplification in Homeschooling – Handling Different Learning Styles – Importance of Character Over Academics – Dealing with Social Media Pressures

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Come back tomorrow and Thursday for the rest of this conversation with Kristi Clover.

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Discussion Questions:

1. Kristi talks about teaching her children to work independently from an early age. What strategies have you found effective or challenging in fostering independence in your children’s learning?

2. The episode highlights the importance of creating routines in a homeschooling environment. Can you share specific routines that have been beneficial or problematic for your family?

3. Kristi discusses simplifying homeschooling by prioritizing certain subjects and activities. How do you determine which areas to prioritize and which to simplify or omit?

4. Comparison and social media can heavily impact the homeschooling experience. How do you manage or mitigate the influence of social media and comparison in your own life?

5. The episode mentions the power of embracing flexibility and changing curricula as needed. Have you ever had to switch curricula mid-year? What was the catalyst, and how did the change impact your homeschooling?

6. Kristi talks about the significant role of character development and heart training in homeschooling. What specific methods or practices do you use to focus on character building in your children’s education?

7. In discussing the toxic environment of public schools, how do you approach conversations with others who may not understand or agree with your decision to homeschool?

8. How do you balance the spiritual, educational, and practical aspects of homeschooling to avoid becoming overwhelmed?

9. Kristi mentions the importance of eliminating morning mayhem. What morning routines or practices have you implemented to ensure a smooth start to your homeschooling day?

10. The episode ends with the importance of recognizing God’s hand in education and life. How do you integrate faith and spirituality into your daily homeschooling routine to nurture your children’s spiritual growth?

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00:00:00,120 –> 00:00:05,520
I had my picture of what I thought homeschooling 
would look like and I had gone to all these

00:00:05,520 –> 00:00:11,280
homeschool conferences I was like yes I am 
going to make my home school look just like

00:00:11,280 –> 00:00:16,000
that and it’s going to be beautiful and you 
could put a we’re going to be a poster family

00:00:16,000 –> 00:00:22,440
for homeschooling and then you’re like this is 
impossible hey everyone this is evet Hampton

00:00:22,440 –> 00:00:27,680
welcome back to the Schoolhouse Rock podcast I 
am back for day two of my interview with Christy

00:00:27,680 –> 00:00:33,160
Clover from the Homegrown generation family 
Expo this session was titled sanity savers

00:00:33,160 –> 00:00:37,960
for homeschool moms and I know you are probably 
already being so encouraged because if you’re

00:00:37,960 –> 00:00:42,280
listening now I’m sure you already listened to 
Monday’s episode if you missed it go back and

00:00:42,280 –> 00:00:47,520
listen to Monday to part one of my interview with 
chrisy it was so good and so helpful she has so

00:00:47,520 –> 00:00:52,880
many good tips for how to just keep our sanity 
in our homeschooling but before we get back into

00:00:52,880 –> 00:00:58,320
our conversation with chrisy I want to say thank 
you to our sponsor bju press homeschool do you

00:00:58,320 –> 00:01:03,440
guys want help managing your home school on a 
day-to-day basis the bju Press homeschool Hub

00:01:03,440 –> 00:01:10,760
is the resource you need for painless planning and 
happy homeschooling visit bju presses

00:01:10,760 –> 00:01:15,360
to see how the Hub can change your homeschooling 
now enjoy part two of my interview with Christy

00:01:15,360 –> 00:01:20,480
Clover it is amazing how like things get done 
when Mom is like well we’re going to have to

00:01:20,480 –> 00:01:27,640
wait until tomorrow and they’re like I’m going to 
be behind I’m like well possibly so let me ask you

00:01:27,640 –> 00:01:31,840
a quick question on that point yes obviously 
if your kids are going to work independently

00:01:31,840 –> 00:01:37,560
on something at what age do they start doing 
that and how do you teach your kids to work

00:01:37,560 –> 00:01:43,880
independently because it doesn’t just happen 
by accident like that is a a is an um practice

00:01:43,880 –> 00:01:50,280
that has to be taught to them yes yeah so we 
start as early as possible so anything from

00:01:50,280 –> 00:01:56,200
penmanship I actually keep penmanship as part 
of our um curriculum because I it’s actually

00:01:56,200 –> 00:02:00,680
part of how I train them to be independent is 
that penmanship they can pretty much always do

00:02:00,680 –> 00:02:04,120
on their own for the most part like I might have 
to show them okay we’re going to you know form

00:02:04,120 –> 00:02:08,480
your a like this but once you’ve gone through 
it a few times then they get it down so the

00:02:08,480 –> 00:02:14,000
key there is that I’m trying to find things that 
they can do so whether it’s like a math problem

00:02:14,000 –> 00:02:19,280
so I might read through it help them set up a 
few of their word problems help them there and

00:02:19,280 –> 00:02:25,080
then that becomes independent work so even though 
it’s something that as a whole it’s a mom required

00:02:25,080 –> 00:02:30,280
if I’ve taught them what they need to know for 
that chunk of work and that whatever they can do

00:02:30,280 –> 00:02:35,600
on their own after that that becomes independent 
work and so sometimes it’s a back and forth so

00:02:35,600 –> 00:02:40,000
oftentimes like obviously when your kids are 
now reader like the pre-readers require the

00:02:40,000 –> 00:02:46,560
most work um so right now like my 14-year-old is 
100% independent other than a spelling test like

00:02:46,560 –> 00:02:52,880
if or like editing a paper um my 11-year-old who 
is officially in fifth grade kind of fifth sixth

00:02:52,880 –> 00:02:56,760
it’s all kind of Blended right want to confuse a 
homeschool kid asking what grade they’re in right

00:02:56,760 –> 00:03:06,160
um but she is almost like she’s right there she’s 
so close um but she also just it’s a style thing

00:03:06,160 –> 00:03:11,560
so it’s not just an age thing and a maturity thing 
it’s a style like she is like she loves checklists

00:03:11,560 –> 00:03:21,680
which I’m like one five one five I’m like Yay but 
then like my uh my youngest who’s nine she will

00:03:21,680 –> 00:03:27,120
she’ll do it but it’s like if fun calls then she’s 
going to go answer to whatever’s fun and so if the

00:03:27,120 –> 00:03:32,520
other siblings are done then she’ll go off and run 
and play with I’m like wait wait wait wait wait we

00:03:32,520 –> 00:03:39,080
didn’t finish this so um it’s really is it’s a 
balance and it changes constantly that’s the the

00:03:39,080 –> 00:03:44,200
thing that I’ve learned in these 15 years plus of 
homeschooling is that every kid’s different every

00:03:44,200 –> 00:03:50,600
season is different every you can’t just create 
something and expect it to stay so like I have you

00:03:50,600 –> 00:03:56,480
know sometimes just a year might be different 
where we’ve got you know lots of Independent

00:03:56,480 –> 00:04:01,520
Learning happening because they can handle it but 
then maybe we swi a curriculum and now suddenly

00:04:01,520 –> 00:04:08,000
it requires more help um so it just it I that’s 
a hard question to answer because like it’s so

00:04:08,000 –> 00:04:14,280
different for every kid and your curriculum will 
lead that too because if you have a video based

00:04:14,280 –> 00:04:20,680
curriculum well they can hit play and that I would 
consider independent um from that from that moment

00:04:20,680 –> 00:04:27,160
they’re they don’t need you exactly so if they can 
do something without me so then they’re watching

00:04:27,160 –> 00:04:32,040
their math video I help with grammar over here and 
then it’s like okay next kid you know watching the

00:04:32,040 –> 00:04:36,640
math video and then I help over here with writing 
you know so it’s just yeah it’s just it’s a lot of

00:04:36,640 –> 00:04:41,160
going back and forth so I’m just kind of in the 
room and kind of like when next yeah yeah it’s

00:04:41,160 –> 00:04:48,400
awesome yeah I love that okay so so we’ve got keep 
your knees dirty eliminate morning Mayhem Y what

00:04:48,400 –> 00:04:54,920
was the next one uh creating routines oh creating 
routines okay Y and then the next one is to

00:04:54,920 –> 00:05:01,720
simplify and this is hard for me at first because 
I had my picture of what I thought homeschooling

00:05:01,720 –> 00:05:07,080
would look like and I had gone to all these 
homeschool conferences I was like yes I am going

00:05:07,080 –> 00:05:12,880
to make my homeschool look just like that and it’s 
going to be beautiful and you could put a we’re

00:05:12,880 –> 00:05:19,200
going to be a poster family for homeschooling and 
then you’re like this is impossible and I have too

00:05:19,200 –> 00:05:25,240
much curriculum and what was I thinking and like 
what do you mean my kids aren’t like on it all the

00:05:25,240 –> 00:05:30,520
time I mean they have their own what I mean like 
me too like it’s not just my kids sometimes I’m

00:05:30,520 –> 00:05:37,320
like I am I need a break so I’m the one that I’m 
like we’ll do history tomorrow but you know like

00:05:37,320 –> 00:05:43,120
so there’s moments like that but for me it was 
learning how to be practical in what we were doing

00:05:43,120 –> 00:05:49,560
so anything from um just prioritizing so what do 
we really need to get done today what curriculum

00:05:49,560 –> 00:05:54,920
not curriculum but what subjects are a priority 
for us to get done you know um so obviously Bible

00:05:54,920 –> 00:05:59,840
like there’s days where I’m like did we do Bible 
today I’m like that’s the most important thing

00:05:59,840 –> 00:06:05,760
and so we might do it in the evening um but 
trying to find curriculum that simplifies is

00:06:05,760 –> 00:06:10,640
probably one of my first steps so I do um I’ve had 
to change our curriculum a lot through the years

00:06:10,640 –> 00:06:16,760
because even some that it seemed in one season 
to be a really great choice as we got you know

00:06:16,760 –> 00:06:22,080
as kids got older and we were adding kids to the 
mix I’m like this is no longer easy because it’s

00:06:22,080 –> 00:06:29,760
requiring too much of me so I do try to look for 
curriculum that is a little bit easier to do um

00:06:29,760 –> 00:06:35,680
for you know or more independent in its style 
um and if it’s not then I I’ll switch mid year

00:06:35,680 –> 00:06:41,760
if I have to because it’s not worth it to me to 
have my kids frustrated um and sometimes they’re

00:06:41,760 –> 00:06:46,480
frustrated because they are not understanding a 
concept and we need to go over it and sometimes

00:06:46,480 –> 00:06:54,160
it’s just it’s a wrong fit yeah um so I think you 
need to not be I don’t know overwhelmed it yeah

00:06:54,160 –> 00:06:59,280
yeah exactly and like one of my little things is 
you know you need to embrace the marry mentality

00:06:59,280 –> 00:07:05,800
and Martha Stewart world so you know whether it’s 
your home or your homeschool like you just need to

00:07:05,800 –> 00:07:12,160
prioritize things and you can’t get to everything 
so there’s going to be days when it’s like okay so

00:07:12,160 –> 00:07:18,400
laundry is is a mountain now and so we need to get 
on top of this and so today we’re going to learn

00:07:18,400 –> 00:07:26,680
math and color sorting doing laundry you know so 
how many things can you fold today let’s count

00:07:26,680 –> 00:07:32,040
you know but homeschooling really does become a 
life style in many ways but we do have to learn

00:07:32,040 –> 00:07:37,680
priorities and sometimes that priority is to take 
a break like right now you know with my with my

00:07:37,680 –> 00:07:43,840
dad’s Health crisis like we’ve had to take breaks 
where it’s really hard because I’m like oh are we

00:07:43,840 –> 00:07:49,400
getting behind I’m like we’re not behind because 
I’m going to prioritize what’s most important and

00:07:49,400 –> 00:07:54,160
we’re going to skip things and that’s where I like 
to tell people about the power of the X a lot of

00:07:54,160 –> 00:08:00,960
curriculum comes with checklists and it’s okay not 
to do it um I have friends who are in the public

00:08:00,960 –> 00:08:06,360
school Arena as far as being teachers and just you 
know counselors and all of them will tell you if

00:08:06,360 –> 00:08:12,600
they’re being honest they don’t finish curriculum 
they don’t and so it’s important to give yourself

00:08:12,600 –> 00:08:17,960
that Grace um in your home school as well yeah 
yeah we need that as moms and I think we often

00:08:17,960 –> 00:08:23,320
need to hear like it’s okay to put something down 
if it’s not working for you and sometimes we feel

00:08:23,320 –> 00:08:28,280
like you know what we’ve spent so much money on 
this and it’s just not working it’s okay sell it

00:08:28,280 –> 00:08:32,560
sell it there’s so many places on the internet you 
can sell it or bless another family with it who it

00:08:32,560 –> 00:08:40,600
will work for and move on do something else it’s 
not worth a stress of continuing on with it I mean

00:08:40,600 –> 00:08:45,040
we’ve had situations where like we’ve even been 
in a co-op where we got halfway through the year

00:08:45,040 –> 00:08:48,800
and we’re just like you know what these people 
are great but it’s just not working for us and

00:08:48,800 –> 00:08:53,280
so we pulled out of that Co-op halfway through 
the year and that was tough to do but it I just

00:08:53,280 –> 00:08:59,480
thought I don’t want to waste the next five months 
yeah doing what’s not working and uh so so that’s

00:08:59,480 –> 00:09:03,720
tough but yes I think it’s important to just know 
your family know how your kids learn and it’s a

00:09:03,720 –> 00:09:10,840
learning process still I mean I we’re in your 12 
of homeschooling and even now I’m finding things

00:09:10,840 –> 00:09:16,040
with my oldest that I’m just like yeah that’s 
not working so well let’s let’s switch gears

00:09:16,040 –> 00:09:19,720
and and that’s okay because we’re homeschooling 
we have the freedom to be able to do that and

00:09:19,720 –> 00:09:25,640
we want to cater the education to our kids to 
best suit them um and their learning styles and

00:09:25,640 –> 00:09:31,640
our teaching style oh absolutely and I think that 
really the best picture of what this looks like in

00:09:31,640 –> 00:09:40,040
action is um you know I do whatever I can with 
my kids and I have to trust God to multiply it

00:09:40,040 –> 00:09:44,880
it’s kind of my Loaves and Fishes type of thing 
where it’s like Lord this is what we can get done

00:09:44,880 –> 00:09:50,040
today this is what we can get done this year Lord 
will you fill in the gaps will you overflow will

00:09:50,040 –> 00:09:55,840
you take care of all of the other things that 
need to get done and it’s amazing how faithful

00:09:55,840 –> 00:10:03,600
he is and that’s what we forget God is so faithful 
and you don’t have to cover every single thing in

00:10:03,600 –> 00:10:09,840
your home school for God to Faithfully fill in 
those gaps um because you know what ultimately

00:10:09,840 –> 00:10:16,000
we’re not trying to raise Einstein’s I mean 
great education is important for the heart is

00:10:16,000 –> 00:10:21,320
so much more important what’s the cliche thing 
like character over academics you know all those

00:10:21,320 –> 00:10:26,600
there’s all these cute little homeschool cliches 
that we can say but ultimately I want to raise

00:10:26,600 –> 00:10:32,680
great people I want my kids I mean it is I can’t 
even tell you what it’s like to have a married son

00:10:32,680 –> 00:10:41,480
like to see him as a husband is just the most 
beautiful thing it ever like I I can’t even

00:10:41,480 –> 00:10:46,800
explain it but and I can’t wait for the day for 
him to be a dad but those are two of the greatest

00:10:46,800 –> 00:10:52,320
roles he will ever play in his life and those 
are the things that I realize that my kids yes

00:10:52,320 –> 00:10:57,320
they have an opportunity to learn in our home but 
they’re watching us they’re watching my husband

00:10:57,320 –> 00:11:02,280
they’re watching me they’re watching how we’re 
our Dynamics they’re watching how we serve they’re

00:11:02,280 –> 00:11:09,440
watching everything and so we’re teaching them how 
to handle life and that is of Greater importance

00:11:09,440 –> 00:11:13,320
um you know like I hope that they can you know 
balance a checkbook but you know what there are

00:11:13,320 –> 00:11:18,800
apps for that so I was gonna say you know what 
you learn those things I mean I I when I look

00:11:18,800 –> 00:11:24,320
back at my childhood and my adult life you know 
I knew a lot my my parents taught me a lot and I

00:11:24,320 –> 00:11:29,360
didn’t feel ill prepared going into adulthood 
but we I mean Garrett and I had just turned 20

00:11:29,360 –> 00:11:35,800
when we got married we were super young so yeah so 
my son yeah and we there were so many things I was

00:11:35,800 –> 00:11:41,120
like I didn’t know how to budget I didn’t know how 
to pay bills really and you know what I figured it

00:11:41,120 –> 00:11:45,720
out very quickly you just learn those things but 
homeschooling is preparing our kids for life and

00:11:45,720 –> 00:11:49,720
there are going to be gaps like you said there’s 
going to be things that we’re going to forget to

00:11:49,720 –> 00:11:55,000
teach them or it’s just things that we just don’t 
do on our own uh you know intentionally teach them

00:11:55,000 –> 00:11:59,240
they’re going to figure it out if they need to 
know it our kids are smart and oh yeah that’s

00:11:59,240 –> 00:12:04,480
part of being an adult as you learn the things 
that you need to learn have you tried CTC math

00:12:04,480 –> 00:12:10,240
yet with your child here’s a testimonial from 
another happy homeschool mom Amber said I’m

00:12:10,240 –> 00:12:15,680
absolutely thrilled with CTC math it’s a rare 
find that I’ve used with my children for more

00:12:15,680 –> 00:12:21,800
than 5 years now I have six children using CTC 
math and each child has found it easy to navigate

00:12:21,800 –> 00:12:26,720
and very applicable thank you so much for all that 
you are doing in providing quality math lessons

00:12:26,720 –> 00:12:34,160
for my children if you’re looking for a great 
online math program visit CTC that’s CTC

00:12:34,160 –> 00:12:40,760 are you looking for a homeschool 
curriculum that goes beyond textbooks and

00:12:40,760 –> 00:12:46,160
truly engages your children in the joy of 
learning apolog is awardwinning curriculum

00:12:46,160 –> 00:12:51,320
is written by homeschool parents to specifically 
meet your needs and Captivate your students with

00:12:51,320 –> 00:12:56,800
Hands-On activities and experiments that make 
learning Unforgettable with an easy to follow

00:12:56,800 –> 00:13:01,800
open andgo format apologia takes the stress 
out of planning and provides a simple road

00:13:01,800 –> 00:13:07,880
map that can easily be tailored to your family’s 
needs explore live classes or self-paced courses

00:13:07,880 –> 00:13:13,000
designed to accommodate every student’s unique 
learning style elevate your child’s education

00:13:13,000 –> 00:13:19,920
spark their curiosity and nurture a lifelong love 
for learning with apologia discover apologia today

00:13:19,920 –> 00:13:27,920
at Okay so we’ve got keep your kns 
dirty eliminate morning Mayhem create a routine

00:13:27,920 –> 00:13:38,280
simplify you’re taking on it yes you’re like and 
and and number five more oh wait infomercial um oh

00:13:38,280 –> 00:13:45,920
but this one is an important one and it’s to stop 
the comparison game stop comparing you are unique

00:13:45,920 –> 00:13:51,240
your kids are unique and as we’ve already talked 
about we are all going to have different strengths

00:13:51,240 –> 00:13:55,040
and we’re all going to have different weaknesses 
and usually what we are showing the world is our

00:13:55,040 –> 00:14:02,120
strength yeah um and that’s all fine and dandy 
but it’s okay like it’s we don’t have to you

00:14:02,120 –> 00:14:06,440
know because when I see you doing something 
amazing then I’m looking at my weakness I’m

00:14:06,440 –> 00:14:10,360
looking at your strength and I’m identifying 
my weakness in that moment and that’s what

00:14:10,360 –> 00:14:17,360
we do everywhere so if there is one thing that I 
really want to encourage people in is stop playing

00:14:17,360 –> 00:14:23,280
the comparison game it is not healthy it is not 
helpful and it’s just going to drive you insane

00:14:23,280 –> 00:14:29,320
I mean it really I mean that honestly is probably 
one of the biggest sanity Savers um because just

00:14:29,320 –> 00:14:33,400
you know it’s I have like one of my best friends 
she’s always just like well I wish I was a

00:14:33,400 –> 00:14:37,920
homeschool mom like you I’m like are you kidding 
me I’m like we have gaps we have stuff we have

00:14:37,920 –> 00:14:43,360
times when we chill out we have times when we’re 
racing and keeping up but ultimately I’m trying to

00:14:43,360 –> 00:14:49,040
tailor things around you know my kids strength 
so what I loved about that’s what I love about

00:14:49,040 –> 00:14:55,120
homeschooling is that my oldest is a gifted writer 
and he loves reading so we just kind of let him

00:14:55,120 –> 00:14:59,760
do his thing there we made sure that we filled in 
other little gaps here and there with you know the

00:14:59,760 –> 00:15:07,120
other part the other subjects U my second is like 
a phenomenal photographer and so we were really

00:15:07,120 –> 00:15:12,680
trying to help him to flourish in that area helped 
him with some different marketing things and you

00:15:12,680 –> 00:15:17,320
know and then again like brought in some of the 
other academics so it’s amazing to see like when

00:15:17,320 –> 00:15:23,480
you become a student of your child and are really 
looking at how can I help them to really you know

00:15:23,480 –> 00:15:29,160
to strengthen their strengths then you’re not comp 
I don’t want to I mean like I mean you’re you’re

00:15:29,160 –> 00:15:35,560
your children are wonderful but like I am called 
my calling is to raise my children and I can’t do

00:15:35,560 –> 00:15:40,840
that looking at your kids and what they’re doing 
and so that is um it’s important it’s important

00:15:40,840 –> 00:15:46,320
in every area of our life someone is always going 
to be better dressed you know they’re going to be

00:15:46,320 –> 00:15:50,640
you know look more put together they’re going to 
have a better house they’re G to have a better car

00:15:50,640 –> 00:15:54,480
they’re going to have a better routine they’re 
G to they’re going to just do things people are

00:15:54,480 –> 00:15:58,760
always going to do things better than you in your 
own mind but they’re probably looking at you for

00:15:58,760 –> 00:16:05,080
the same thing um and that’s what we we have to be 
aware of too is that like you know God has blessed

00:16:05,080 –> 00:16:10,960
all of us um and we need to look look to him 
for what does he call us to do each day and and

00:16:10,960 –> 00:16:16,320
stop looking at everybody else so that’s especi 
that’s my like I’m turning 50 soon and there’s

00:16:16,320 –> 00:16:23,920
your advice so stop comparing so much harder today 
because of stinking social media it didn’t used to

00:16:23,920 –> 00:16:29,080
it it has always been a thing I mean truly 
it’s always been a thing I mean the Bible

00:16:29,080 –> 00:16:33,800
talks about that but now we’ve got it in front of 
us and like you said people always put their best

00:16:33,800 –> 00:16:37,320
foot forward and so you see all these people 
popping up with these beautiful pictures and

00:16:37,320 –> 00:16:40,840
their beautiful homes and their beautiful meals 
that they’ve made and their vacations and you’re

00:16:40,840 –> 00:16:46,000
like man I sure wish I had a house that looked 
like that I wish I had kids who were put together

00:16:46,000 –> 00:16:51,520
like that and it is so hard to let go of that 
but I’m telling you that is Satan’s attack on

00:16:51,520 –> 00:16:56,600
us that’s Satan telling us you’re not good enough 
mom you’re not pretty enough you’re not organized

00:16:56,600 –> 00:17:02,160
enough you’re not clean enough you’re not all all 
the things you’re just not good enough and often

00:17:02,160 –> 00:17:07,440
times it’s him saying you know you should just 
put your kids back in school yeah you would be

00:17:07,440 –> 00:17:11,800
doing better if you just put them back in school 
because you’re not doing this homeschool thing

00:17:11,800 –> 00:17:16,040
right all those other people are doing it right 
you’re doing it wrong so why don’t you just give

00:17:16,040 –> 00:17:22,040
up on this and the Lord is saying no no no like 
you said he’s going to help us through this he’s

00:17:22,040 –> 00:17:26,600
here with us and so he he will give us what we 
need and equip us to do what he’s called us to

00:17:26,600 –> 00:17:34,720
do oh absolutely and quite frankly um here I’m 
going to get my my little Soap Box do it girl um

00:17:34,720 –> 00:17:39,880
it’s funny cuz it’s like you you hear like all the 
terms like you know influencer Advocate all this

00:17:39,880 –> 00:17:45,040
stuff and I’m like we are living in a day and an 
age where honestly if you brought your kids home

00:17:45,040 –> 00:17:51,040
from school and did nothing more than eat popcorn 
and watch like you know Veggie Tales all day long

00:17:51,040 –> 00:17:55,600
you are doing a better job with your kids and 
having them in public school amen public school

00:17:55,600 –> 00:18:00,360
is a toxic environment yes and I think that 
I’ve been more more careful at talking about

00:18:00,360 –> 00:18:06,320
that in the past than now because they are showing 
their cards oh yeah I I cannot believe I live in

00:18:06,320 –> 00:18:11,080
a conservative area granted I’m in California but 
I live in a conservative part of California and I

00:18:11,080 –> 00:18:18,280
don’t care what your neighborhood is what your 
school is there is so much out there the enemy

00:18:18,280 –> 00:18:25,560
is after your kids they’re after your marriage 
and they’re after your family the enemy knows

00:18:25,560 –> 00:18:32,480
that if he can destroy the family he can destroy 
like a community so that is the thing is that if

00:18:32,480 –> 00:18:40,160
you just stay focused on that um trust me you are 
doing a better job than you think if you have your

00:18:40,160 –> 00:18:46,040
kids home with you I mean there are times when I’m 
like oh maybe our kids like they don’t have enough

00:18:46,040 –> 00:18:50,520
friends like they like there’s all those like you 
know maybe that the socialization thing like which

00:18:50,520 –> 00:18:55,800
now I’m like are you kidding me like I do not want 
them in that social environment thank you but no

00:18:55,800 –> 00:19:02,200
thank you but I’m like you know what it’s okay 
hey because God is going to like cover it all and

00:19:02,200 –> 00:19:08,320
right now we more than ever have to be Protectors 
of our kids because again we have seen just I mean

00:19:08,320 –> 00:19:15,160
I can’t believe how blatant it is oh yeah I mean 
we had in our little tiny like sweet Community

00:19:15,160 –> 00:19:21,480
here we had drag queen things happening at the 
local school district um so I mean it became this

00:19:21,480 –> 00:19:25,680
outrage and that was the thing everyone like 
why are you homeschooling you know like it’s

00:19:25,680 –> 00:19:30,920
such a you know like there’s nothing going on in 
our schools I’m like it takes one crazy you know

00:19:30,920 –> 00:19:39,440
family to move into town that demands their right 
to be heard and so we have Satanist groups we have

00:19:39,440 –> 00:19:46,680
you know fullon just Abominations happening in 
school um and if you want your kids to grow up

00:19:46,680 –> 00:19:53,120
loving the Lord and to know the truth of his 
word there is no knowledge outside of God the

00:19:53,120 –> 00:19:58,240
Bible is very clear that the you know beginning 
of knowledge is in the fear of the Lord and so

00:19:58,240 –> 00:20:04,840
we need to teach that because we teach our kids 
to read because they need to read the word of God

00:20:04,840 –> 00:20:10,560
right yeah we need to teach them math because 
God is logical and he’s created this beautiful

00:20:10,560 –> 00:20:15,600
you know creation for us to look at so you look 
at any science like I laugh I’m a science major

00:20:15,600 –> 00:20:22,280
you cannot look at any of the sciences and not see 
God’s hand he designed it all so that if you come

00:20:22,280 –> 00:20:29,800
at your homeschooling with that in mind again like 
soap walks all the way but you it is worth it it

00:20:29,800 –> 00:20:37,200
is worth homeschooling it is worth just protecting 
your family you are the protector and so if you

00:20:37,200 –> 00:20:43,240
take that on and take off all of the junk the 
enemy is trying to throw at you to make you feel

00:20:43,240 –> 00:20:49,760
like you’re a bad mom you need to step away from 
that and just call it out an all out lie and um

00:20:49,760 –> 00:20:54,480
and just remember who you are in Christ and that 
is what you’re called to do I hope you enjoyed

00:20:54,480 –> 00:20:59,960
this interview with Christy Clover from the 2023 
homegrown generation family Expo it’s not too

00:20:59,960 –> 00:21:06,760
late to register go to Homegrown 
use the coupon code podcast to save 25% off of

00:21:06,760 –> 00:21:11,840
registration join us tomorrow for the last part of 
my interview with Christie until then have a great

00:21:11,840 –> 00:21:20,840
afternoon laughing in the face of impostor 
syndrome and coming to you from the epicenter

00:21:20,840 –> 00:21:26,640
of manly overconfidence I’m your host Garrett 
Hampton and you are listening to the thinking

00:21:26,640 –> 00:21:33,520
dad even if we’re able to push the evildoers and 
the totalitarians back for another generation

00:21:33,520 –> 00:21:38,240
maybe if we work really hard maybe even two 
generations if they’ve got the young people

00:21:38,240 –> 00:21:45,640
it’s over I often think about Daniel’s parents who 
you don’t hear anything about but they must have

00:21:45,640 –> 00:21:53,080
laid down a foundation for Daniel to be able to 
go into Babylon and not fall we’re in that very

00:21:53,080 –> 00:21:56,920
beginning part of the cycle for tough times 
we’ve been fat and happy we’ve been enjoying

00:21:56,920 –> 00:22:00,560
the you know we’re lazy because we enjoy so 
much Freedom we got all these blessings and

00:22:00,560 –> 00:22:04,400
why would you go do the hard work and so for 
a long time now decades we haven’t had to do

00:22:04,400 –> 00:22:08,440
the hard work we’ve been living on the fumes 
of previous generations paying the price and

00:22:08,440 –> 00:22:13,680
we got to raise the bar and say I’m willing to 
give more of my life that’s my time more of my

00:22:13,680 –> 00:22:17,800
money of course that’s our fortune and more 
of my sacred honor which is my reputation I’m

00:22:17,800 –> 00:22:22,280
willing to put it all on the line every 
single one of us has to be willing to do

00:22:22,280 –> 00:22:28,680
that join us for the first season of The 
Thinking dad at thinking it’s really

00:22:28,680 –> 00:22:35,040
easy to get lost in the world of homeschooling as 
a mom um so as a mom it’s important to get time

00:22:35,040 –> 00:22:40,200
whether it’s finding a hobby or spending time 
with friends or just kind of going I mean for

00:22:40,200 –> 00:22:43,760
me sometimes I just need to go for a walk on my 
own and I laugh cuz the kids are like can we come

00:22:43,760 –> 00:22:51,320
and I’m like not today tomorrow but not today 
mommy just needs a little bit of space to like

00:22:51,320 –> 00:22:58,440
finish my thoughts but it’s really important 
not to get lost in the realm of mothering

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