TD 5: Abraham Hamilton, III- Reviving Discipleship: The Church’s Role in Family, Culture, and Education

“Being distinct from the world means raising children to be holy and set apart.” – Abraham Hamilton, III

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Abraham Hamilton, III joins Garritt Hampton on the Thinking Dad to unpack critical issues at the intersection of church, family, and culture. Get a pastor’s perspective on Church planting and growth, the impact of COVID-19 on the church and the church’s response, and the responsibility of the church to be raising up disciples. Explore the far-reaching effects of the educational on worldview, and learn effective ways to combat the impact of secular humanist indoctrination on our children. Abe shares his journey in family discipleship, pastoring a growing church, and adhering to biblical principles and passing them on to his family in challenging times.

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Wil Addison is a New Orleans native with over 25 years of ministry service. Wil has served as a missionary and missionary evangelist to America’s colleges and universities. He was a nationally appointed home missionary for six years before helping to plant a church in Lafayette, Louisiana. As associate pastor, Wil’s focus was discipleship and prayer before relocating to Mississippi.

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Discussion Questions:

1. **American Educational System:**

– Abraham Hamilton, III criticizes the co-option of the American educational system to move the country away from God. Do you agree with his viewpoint? Why or why not?

2. **Religion in Education:**

– Abe and Garritt suggest that the education system evangelizes a particular religious worldview. What are the implications of this for families and how should parents respond?

3. **Home-Based Discipleship:**

– How can families integrate discipleship into their daily routines to counteract non-Christian worldviews encountered in secular educational systems?

4. **Expository Bible Teaching:**

– What are the benefits of teaching the Bible expositionally, as discussed by Abraham Hamilton, III, and what are it’s advantages over topical sermon series?

5. **Family as a Context for Discipleship:**

– Abraham Hamilton, III emphasizes the familial context in the biblical command for reproduction and human flourishing. How can families today align with these principles?

6. **Church Growth and Discipleship:**

– Considering the organic growth of Abe’s church, what does this tell us about the importance of a focus on discipleship and “qualitative growth” over “quantitative growth” in the church?

7. **Church’s Influence vs. World’s Influence:**

– How can the church resist the temptation to mimic worldly values and instead cultivate a distinct, Christ-centered culture among its members?

8. **Parental Responsibility in Spiritual Training:**

– According to Paul’s commands in Ephesians, what specific responsibilities do fathers have in the spiritual training of their children, and how can they effectively fulfill these roles?

9. **Church’s Role in Times of Crisis:**

– During the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches had varied responses to lockdowns. Based on Abraham Hamilton, III’s perspective, what role should the church play during times of societal crisis, and how should it balance obedience to secular authorities with scriptural commands?


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