Our mission is to support and encourage Christian families, by providing the very best podcasts on faith, discipleship, marriage, parenting, worldview, culture, and education, all from a Biblical perspective. 

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Schoolhouse Rocked

Biblical homeschooling, parenting, and family discipleship encouragement and advice to help point our children to Christ, build a solid Biblical worldview, teach effectively, preserve our marriages, manage our homes, and approach child-rearing and discipline with a heart-centered focus that will result in confident, biblically-minded, wise, well-balanced adults.

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Thinking Dad

The Thinking Dad Podcast equips men to think Biblically about family, faith, business, and culture. Hosted by Garritt Hampton, each show features the insights of Christian leaders who will inspire and challenge you to lead well, live a life of eternal significance, and leave a worthy legacy.

Culture Proof

Wil and Meeke Addison, and occasional guests, tackle culture’s tough topics from a Biblical perspective. Bringing 15 years of broadcast experience, listeners will enjoy their thought provoking conversations and Biblical worldview. While discussing current events in light of the straight edge of Scripture, the Addisons practically equip Christians to resist the cultural trends that rival the Truth, so we remain culture proof.


Your homeschool doesn't belong in a box. If you believe your family's homeschool should be as unique as you, or maybe you're just curious about getting started, then you're in the right place! Subscribe today and remember if God called you to this, you were MADE for it! Made2Homeschool is Hosted by Brandon Beckley, a devoted Christ-follower, dedicated husband & father, and former pastor.

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Homeschool Insights

Practical, Biblical, home education and parenting encouragement and resources in under ten minutes a day. From the creators of Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution and hosted by Yvette Hampton, each show features the advice of Christian education experts, authors, speakers, curriculum publishers, and homeschool veterans, to help you disciple the hearts of your children for the glory of God!