M2H 15: Wendy @planpreppray pt2

Welcome to the Made2Homeschool Podcast! In this 2nd episode of our 3 part conversation I got to interview our friend Wendy fromย  @PlanPrepPray https://made2homeschool.comInstagram: https://instagram.com/made2homeschool YouTube: https://YouTube.com/@made2homeschool Thanks again, Wendy! https://youtube.com/ @PlanPrepPray ย 

HSI 542: Homeschooling in Mexico – Katie Hornor

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SR 765: Mastering Math โ€“ Best Practices for Homeschool Success โ€“ Pat Murray, Part 2

โ€œThe ability to recall math facts quickly is absolutely essential. Itโ€™s not even negotiable.โ€ – Pat Murray, CTCMath

Yvette Hampton engages Pat Murray, founder of CTCMath,in an in-depth conversation about the role of math education in homeschooling….