SR 797: The Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Extra Income – Martha Krejci, Part 3

“We were created to steward our families. We were created to know God and make God known through our families, through our relationships, through real-life ministries.” ~ Martha Krejci

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In this empowering installment of the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast, host Yvette Hampton sits down with Martha Krejci, a former corporate working mom at Godaddy, turned home-based entrepreneur and homeschool advocate. Listen as Martha recounts the pivotal moments that redefined her family life and led to a work-from-home revolution. She shares practical steps on identifying your life’s “bat signal” and leveraging the internet’s vast potential through affiliate marketing. With Martha’s experience and Yvette’s own homeschooling journey, this episode is packed with heartfelt advice for mothers navigating the dual roles of education and entrepreneurship. Don’t miss out on Martha’s valuable lessons and the “Home Based Revolution” program to kickstart your journey to financial freedom and intentional family living. 

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Discussion Questions:

1. How did Martha Krejci’s personal experience of missing her daughter’s significant milestones shape her decision to work from home, and how can this resonate with other parents considering homeschooling and home business?

2. Can you discuss the role and impact of spiritual convictions in making substantial life changes, specifically in relation to homeschooling and work-from-home decisions?

3. What are the challenges and benefits of being both a primary income earner and a homeschooling parent, and how can families navigate these dual responsibilities?

4. How did Martha’s background in leadership at a company like Godaddy contribute to her success in creating a home-based business, and what skills from her corporate experience were transferable?

5. Martha Krejci advises finding one’s “bat signal.” How can individuals effectively identify and leverage their unique strengths to serve others while also creating income?

6. Yvette Hampton and Martha Krejci both highlight the importance of serving God in ministry through one’s work. How can homeschooling families integrate their faith into their homeschooling and business endeavors?

7. Discuss the concept of affiliate marketing as a viable income stream for homeschooling families. What are the ethical considerations and best practices when promoting products and services?

8. What are the potential pitfalls of pursuing additional income streams like affiliate marketing while maintaining the primary focus on homeschooling, and how can these be avoided?

9. What are the advantages of establishing multiple income streams to diversify income, and what are the potential obstacles someone might face in implementing this strategy?

10. How important is patience and long-term vision when building a home-based business or creating content for income, particularly for homeschooling parents with limited time and resources?


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