SR 799: The Heart of Discipline: Avoiding Parenting Mistakes and Applying Biblical Correction – Ginger Hubbard, Part 1

“Parenting is not just about getting our kids to behave, true change happens from the inside out, and that is only through the transformative power of Christ.” ~ Ginger Hubbard

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Ginger Hubbard joins Yvette Hampton on the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast for a profound conversation where they uncover the common pitfalls of parenting and learn how to avoid parenting mistakes by focusing on heart change rather than behavior modification. Ginger shares insights from her book “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” and introduces her transformative three-step plan for discipline that applies biblical principles. Tune in and equip yourself with strategies to foster obedience, self-control, and a fulfilling relationship with your child. Subscribe for more parenting tips and Biblical guidance for your homeschooling journey.

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Discussion Questions:

1. Ginger Hubbard discusses the importance of focusing on heart change rather than just behavioral change. How can parents practically engage in discipline that targets the heart of our child?

2. Yvette and Ginger talk about the temptation to use ineffective parenting methods like bribing and threatening. Why do you think these methods are so commonly used and what can be some long-term effects of relying on them?

3. In the podcast, it’s mentioned that parents often act out of selfishness when disciplining their children. Can you think of examples when you’ve witnessed this, and how can parents shift their focus to a more selfless, Christ-centered approach to parenting?

4. How does the idea of instant obedience play into raising children who are obedient to God’s word? Do you agree with Ginger Hubbard’s stance on not counting to three before expecting a child’s obedience?

5. Ginger emphasizes the need to teach children self-control and obedience to experience joy and God’s best for their lives. How can implementing these values early on impact a child’s adult life?

6. The three-step plan for effective parenting outlined by Ginger includes asking heart-probing questions, instructing children to put off wrong behavior, and to put on right behavior. How can parents effectively implement this strategy in daily situations?

7. How can the use of heart-probing questions benefit the child and the parent in understanding the motivations behind a child’s misbehavior?

8. What are some ways parents can maintain their authority over their children while still fostering a loving and respectful relationship?

9. Ginger’s “Wise Words for Moms” chart is mentioned as a quick reference. How might having such a tool at hand change the way parents address disobedience and other behavior issues?

10. Modeling behavior is a significant part of parenting—as Ginger and Yvette discuss modeling self-control, consistency, and love. Can you share an example of how positive modeling from a parent influenced a child in a noticeable way?


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