TD 2: Alex Newman – Death by Indoctrination: The Role of Education in Shaping Global Strategy

“The people who dreamed up this system, the people who implemented this system, the people who reformed this system, to turn it from what it was into what it is today, always had a plan. And that plan always was, from the very beginning, to undermine the christian faith, to undermine the family, to undermine biblical principles, like private property, like the free enterprise system, like the nuclear family, like the purpose of government.” – Alex Newman

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On the first episode of the Thinking Dad Podcast, host Garritt Hampton and guest Alex Newman, founder of Liberty Sentinel Media, uncover the shocking depths of indoctrination in public schools. Explore the troubling ties between Marxist ideologies and public education, learn about historical experiments that redefined reading instruction with devastating effects, and uncover the global strategy to standardize education. This discussion sheds light on John Dewey’s influence, the gradual socialist shift impacting American families, and the strategic role of UNESCO in reshaping global education norms. Learn why the system isn’t just failing—it’s succeeding at its original purpose. Educate yourself about alternatives like homeschooling and what you can do to fight back against the indoctrination of our youth. 

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Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, speaker, investor, and consultant who seeks to glorify God in everything he does. 

In addition to serving as president of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc, he has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to the Epoch Times, a correspondent for the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, foreign correspondent and senior editor for The New American magazine, a writer for WND (World Net Daily), an education writer for FreedomProject Media, a columnist for the Illinois Family Institute, and much more. Check out Alex’s books here.

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Discussion Questions:

1. How do the historical figures like Horace Mann and John Dewey contribute to the current state of the American education system, according to Alex Newman?

2. What role does Alex Newman believe the Prussian education system played in shaping the methodologies of American schools?

3. Can you discuss the impact of memorizing whole words versus decoding symbols in reading education, as highlighted by Alex?

4. Alex Newman mentions a “deliberate agenda” behind the American education system. What are your thoughts on this perspective? 

5. How feasible is it for most families to transition to homeschooling as suggested by Newman? What are some potential challenges and benefits?

6. What does Alex mean by stating that America has become a “socialist nation” through educational reforms? Do you agree or disagree with this assessment?

7. Alex Newman ties the educational curriculum changes to a broader global strategy. What are the implications of this for national sovereignty and cultural identity?

8. Discuss the role of Marxism and its influence on the development of the public education system, as outlined by Newman. How does this resonate with current educational trends?

9. Newman and Hampton discuss the decline of Christian values among younger generations. What solutions do they propose to counteract this troubling trend?

10. Reflect on the statement that public schools are functioning as intended by their designers, to undermine Christian faith and principles. How should individuals and communities respond to such a claim?


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