TD 4: Wil Addison – Raised to be Ready: Parenting with Purpose

“The battle today is for the identity and faith of our children.” – Wil Addison

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Garritt Hampton sits down with Wil “The Great” Addison, co-host of the Culture Proof podcast with his wife Meeke, father of six, and an example intentional discipleship within the home. Wil shares his journey from 15 years in Christian radio, to podcasting with his wife Meeke, and the essential ministry work they undertake together. We dive into the importance of raising children in according to God’s design, highlighting biblical principles and the role of fathers in guiding their families. Wil discusses practical steps parents can take to culture proof their homes and offers his take on how his family stays rooted in faith amidst today’s challenging cultural landscape. Garritt and Wil also touch on the significance of parental involvement, the biblical roles of mothers and fathers, and the lasting generational impact of steadfast faith. This episode provides biblical insights and encouragement to help raise children who are prepared to uphold their identity in Christ, preparing the next generation to STAND FIRM!

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Wil Addison is a New Orleans native with over 25 years of ministry service. Wil has served as a missionary and missionary evangelist to America’s colleges and universities. He was a nationally appointed home missionary for six years before helping to plant a church in Lafayette, Louisiana. As associate pastor, Wil’s focus was discipleship and prayer before relocating to Mississippi.
After accepting a position with American Family Association in 2008, Wil served at the ministry for 15 years in various capacities; from Director of Urban Family Communications, and Director of Special Initiatives to Director of the Marriage Family Life Conference – a conference birthed from his heart for discipleship and equipping Christian families.

Today, Wil’s focus is homeschooling his six children and stewarding well Straight Edge Ministries and Culture Proof. He can be heard via podcast on the Culture Proof Podcast with Wil and Meeke. On their podcast, the Addisons observe cultural trends and explore the effects of those trends on the foundation of Biblical morality. Together the couple offers insights on culture, popular trends, and current events that threaten the integrity of the Christian faith and the proliferation of the gospel. With the highest esteem for the local Church, Wil serves as an elder in the fellowship he is helping to plant in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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Culture Proof Conference – July 18th – 20th, Bartlett, TN – Speakers include Wil and Meeke Addison, Abraham Hamilton, III, Israel Wayne, Dr. Renton Rathbun, Garritt and Yvette Hampton, and Dr. Kathy Koch

Culture Proof Podcast

Garritt and Yvette Hampton on the Culture Proof Podcast

Meeke Addison on the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast


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Discussion Questions:

1. **Discipleship in the Home:** Wil Addison emphasizes the importance of discipleship within the home. What are some practical steps families can take to ensure that discipleship is an integral part of their daily parenting routine?

2. **Parenting in Today’s Culture:** The episode discusses the attack on families in today’s culture. What are some specific cultural challenges that families face today, and how can parents counteract these challenges with biblical principles?

3. **The Role of Fathers:** Wil Addison and Garritt Hampton highlight the significant role fathers play in raising children. In what ways can fathers be more actively involved in the spiritual and emotional development of their children?

4. **Generational Discipleship:** The podcast discusses the importance of passing faith down through generations. How can grandparents and extended family contribute to the spiritual upbringing of children, especially in single-parent homes?

5. **Culture Proofing:** The concept of being “Culture Proof” is emphasized throughout the episode. What does it mean to be “Culture Proof,” and how can families implement this concept in their homes?

6. **Catechism and Scripture Memorization:** Wil Addison shares the use of catechism in his home and the impact of scripture memorization. How can families effectively incorporate these practices into their routine, and what benefits might they observe?

7. **Balancing Ministry and Family:** Both Wil and Garritt discuss their partnership with their wives in ministry. How can couples balance ministry responsibilities with family life to ensure that neither is neglected?

8. **Preparing Children for Cultural Challenges:** The episode references biblical models like Daniel to illustrate the importance of preparing children for cultural challenges. What are some specific ways parents can equip their children to remain steadfast in their faith even when they are under persecution?

9. What strategies can churches adopt to support parents in their role of discipling their children to develop a robust biblical worldview?

10. **Personal Mission Statement:** Wil Addison shares that he prayed for a family mission from God. How important is it for families to have a mission statement, and how can this mission shape the everyday lives of family members?


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